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Master of Science in Telematics – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the programme about?

Master of Science in Telematics is a two (2) year collaborative programme between GTUC and Wildau Institute of Technology in Germany. The programmes to train applicants in applied information communication technology to business management and leadership skills. It equips students with the requisite leadership tools to influence policy and decisions in this fast-growing ICT field of application.

The programme exposes students to vital management concepts such as finance management, personnel management, business management, and project management in the ICT industry. Graduates are able to set up and successfully run their own businesses on completion

Programme details are available here

What is the duration of the Course in GTUC?

The study is conducted over a period of two (2) years. It is done on a modular basis in evenings or weekends.

Will students get the chance to go to Wildau Univeristy in Germany to take up some modules?

No. Lectures are done in Ghana by expert faculty at GTUC using traditional face to face instruction. Professors from Wildau institute of Technology will take up some modules periodically.

What is the structure of the course?

The Master’s in Telematics is offered over four semesters. Students will spend three semesters on the course work. The fourth semester is devoted solely to the Master’s project work (thesis). Assessment is based on a combination of formal examinations, oral examination and a project work.

Which institution awards the certificate?

Wildau University

Will l find GTUC written on my certificate after completion?

No. It is a purely international Certificate from Wildau University. However, on the transcript, it will be indicated that you studied at GTUC

When do you admit students?

Admission for the programme is in September. Admission is opened from January to May. GTUC has a one year rolling admission policy. Students have the privilege to buy and submit application forms any time within the year. The forms would be processed for the next available intake unless option for intake is expressly indicated in the application form by the applicant.

What are the admission requirements?

A bachelor’s degree with at least a second class lower division in Science, Engineering, or Management programmes.

Is there an opportunity for mature applicants who do not hold a first degree?

No. However, the admissions review committee may offer admission to mature applicants by merit on individual basis

Must I have working experience before I can enroll on the programme?

Yes. At least two years post qualification work experience. Applicants without the required work experience will be assessed on individual bases.

What is the cost of the programme?

The programme costs US $10,000 or its cedi equivalent for Ghanaians and US $12,000 or its cedi equivalent for international students per semester. Students are expected to pay 25% of the fee before registration.

What is the application procedure?

Purchase an application for admission form (GH ¢90) from any GTUC campus or download from here. Completed forms can be submitted through post viz: Ghana Technology University College, Private Mail Bag 100, Accra-North, Accra, Ghana. Alternatively, forms can be scanned and sent as e-mail attachment to either or,gh. For downloaded forms, please include a banker’s draft of GH ¢90.

The following supporting materials should be included in your submission:

  1. Copies of your qualification transcripts and certificates
  2. Three written references, with at least one academic reference
  3. Evidence of your English Language competence if English is not your first language
  4. Two passport sized photographs

The admission team will review all applications. Shortlisted applicants are offered admission. Applicants may be invited for an admission interview, depending on the admission schedule for each intake. Students are required to submit all required documents before applications are reviewed. Incomplete application forms are not processed.

Why should I enroll for this programme?

  • International certificate
  • Acquire unique skills highly sought after by industry
  • You will be able to make a difference wherever you find yourself
  • You will be able to drive change in the globalised aviation industry
  • Know current best practices in the aviation industry


For further information, please contact:

Graduate Admissions Office
Ghana Technology University College (GTUC)
Tel: 0302- 917152, 0302-969020, 0302-969030
Mobile: 0202698352, 0202698353
Email: or


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